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In the new economic era of northern slowdown and southern catch-up, the exemplary novelists have seemed to be those, like Orhan Pamuk, Ma Jian, and Haruki Murakami, who successfully transcend their homelands and emerge into a planetary system where their work can acquire a universal relevance.The progress of World Literature since the ’90s has accompanied that of global capitalism.In 1894 the world saw the first book about world literature – “The history of world literature”.

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Authors featured include, Daniel Defoe, Voltaire, Isak Dinesen, Isabel Allende, Roy Arundhati, and Franz Kafka.

Each essay is 6-8 pages in length and include the following sections: -Content Synopsis: summarizes the plot of the work, describing the main points and prominent characters in concise language.-Historical Context: describes the relevance to the story of the moods, attitudes and conditions that existed during the time period in which the novel took place.-Societal Context: describes the role that society played within the work, from the acceptance of traditional gender roles to dealing with mental illness.-Religious Context: explains how religion—of the author specifically, or a group generally—influenced the novel.-Scientific & Technological Context: analyzes to what extent scientific and/or technological progress has affected the story.-Biographical Context: offers biographical details of the author’s life, which often helps students to make sense of the story.-Discussion Questions: a list of 8–10 thoughtful questions that are designed to develop stimulating and productive classroom discussions.-Essay Ideas: a valuable list of ideas that will encourage students to explore themes, writing techniques, and character traits.-Works Cited January 2018 Critical Survey of World Literature A unique combination of biography and critical analysis, covering major writers from outside the United States and their significant works in fiction, drama, poetry, and nonfiction.

The geographic broadening of literary sensibility has taken place alongside the beginnings of a remarkable economic catch-up of poorer with richer countries.

In 2013, for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, more economic growth will take place in “developing” than in developed countries.

It can be not an easy task as there are a lot of writing conventions which are not easy to follow.

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Moreover, reading a lot of literature, some students can still lack in important writing skills.This series is designed to introduce students to the world’s greatest works of literature—including novels, short fiction, novellas, and poems—not only placing them in the historical, societal, scientific and religious context of their time, but illuminating key concepts and vocabulary that students are likely to encounter.covers 41 works—novels, short stories, and poems—written by authors from around the world, published between 17.As a concept, world literature emerged only in the 19 century when the literary connections of different countries had spread and strengthened.The term “world literature” was introduced by Jogann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethe studied the characteristic features and interrelationships of different national literatures, the tendencies of their development and their achievements.He studied the works of famous writers which presented different literary phenomena of different historic periods.He claimed that literature shouldn`t be restrained by national boundaries.Each nation`s literature has its own artistic and national features.World literature is very important for the studying, still the literature of one country develops together with other national literatures.World literature is the cultural heritage of all humanity.It is essential to study world literature as it helps us understand the life of different people from all over the world, forms our world-outlook and acquaints us with the masterpieces of literature.


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