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Although degrees of equality of condition vary markedly in modern societies, it is clear that even the most egalitarian societies today have considerable degrees of inequality of condition.Equality of opportunity, on the other hand, is the idea that everyone has an equal possibility of becoming successful.

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The people who have more resources represent the top layer of the social structure of stratification.

Other groups of people, with progressively fewer and fewer resources, represent the lower layers of our society.

His grandfather, Albert Rogers, was a director of Imperial Oil (Esso) and his father, Ted Sr., became wealthy when he invented an alternating current vacuum tube for radios in 1925. went from there to manufacturing radios, owning a radio station, and acquiring a licence for TV. His mother took him aside when he was eight and told him, “Ted, your business is to get the family name back.” The family was still wealthy enough to send him to Upper Canada College, the famous private school that also educated children from the Black, Eaton, Thompson, and Weston families.

Ted seized the opportunity at Upper Canada to make money as a bookie, taking bets on horse racing from the other students.

In many respects, he saw himself as a self-made billionaire, starting from scratch, seizing opportunities, and creating business through his own initiative.

The story of Ted Rogers is not exactly a rags to riches one, however. was five years old, and the family businesses were sold.

The distinct horizontal layers found in rock, called “strata,” are a good way to visualize social structure.

Society’s layers are made of people, and society’s resources are distributed unevenly throughout the layers.

This is the belief in equality of opportunity, which can be contrasted with the ideal of equality of condition.

Equality of condition is the situation in which everyone in a society has a similar level of wealth, status, and power.


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