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Many assignments she made us do didn't end up counting. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT TAKE A CLASS FROM HER. She makes lessons more complicated than they need to be which makes it difficult to understand. She is very smart and clearly knows what shes doing, but understanding her thought process is the hard part.She is very unorganized, very hard to understand, and over-complicates every concept. The communication barrier is terrible and it is impossible to get her to understand your questions. She is impossible to reason with or communicate with.She wont give you any guidance or rubric for any part of your project.

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In class if you had a question, half of the time she would tell you refer to the ebook textbook we had to get. All the homework, quizzes and tests are online threw Web Assign. I want to give her a good rating because she is extremely nice and means well, but that doesn't make her a good professor.

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If you have taken Calculus before, and you do not need to use the Webassign Access Code now, please help me with that, because purchase that online is relatively expensive Most Web Assign access codes are valid only for one class and one term. ) Then click on the “Link Account” institution code, and email address. Fill out If you already have access code, for example, if you bought a new textbook, type in.

B Access Code Card X If you know your username, institution code and the email address for your account, you can request to reset your password from the Login page. You can also purchase access codes at many campus bookstores; they are packaged on pre-printed cards or in security Verify that the access code prefix ( on the outside of the access code card or envelope) is valid for the textbook edition Your instructor enrolls you in the class and gives you a new Web Assign username, institution code, and password.

Web Assign information they can buy the book and online access code separately. On the left navigation menu, you will see a "Class Tools" menu, select e Book. ) Use the Reset Password link at the bottom of the email to reset your password so that you will be able to log in directly via the Web Assign home page rather than via Canvas.

Click Log in Now, or to log in the future, simply go to:

Web Assign is a required part of your course and will be counted as part of your final grade.

net to start Click on “I Have a Class Key” You must get this from your instructor to be linked into the correct course/section!!

She starts giving out instructions and announcements as soon as she gets there, NOT when class starts. She clearly cares about your learning but she really can't teach that well. She does not teach well, she expects you to learn everything in the course from a few short examples in class that are also poorly taught.

She does not grade assignments on time EVER and is never clear about her expectations.


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