Ways To Solve Word Problems

Ways To Solve Word Problems-50
Math word problems tend to be especially challenging for Learning Disabled (LD) students.

When I provided the boxes (seen below) for them to fill out, I received no heavy sighs that I was forcing them to show their work.

#mathteacherwin Here is where I typically struggle with problem solving strategies: 1) modeling the strategy in my own teaching weeks after I have taught students to use the strategy and 2) enforcing students to do it. This might be why I haven’t been able to stick with a strategy from year to year.

Math word problems can be tricky and often challenging to solve.

Employing the SQRQCQ method can make solving math word problems easier and less intimidating.

Indeed, as students move forward in their mathematical learning, they will need to apply problem-solving processes to more and more complex situations so they become college and career ready.

The first Common Core State Standard (CCSS) for mathematical practice focuses specifically on problem solving: Proficient students are able to explain the meaning of a problem and look for entry points to its solution.

It provides just enough direction to guide them through the reasoning process without overwhelming them.

SQRQCQ is also a mnemonic that is easy for students to remember and which they can fall back on when completing homework or taking tests.

Identify all relevant facts and information needed to solve the problem. Now that you're familiar with specific details and how different facts and information within the problem are interrelated, determine what formulas or equations must be used to set up and solve the problem.

Be sure to write down what steps or operations you will use for easy reference.


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