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Born into a military aristocracy – his father was Philip, Macedonia’s king while his mother was Olympias, a princess from the neighboring kingdom of Epirus – Alexander learned early on that he had to develop military skills to succeed his father.

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Alexander went into many battles drunk, as a result of this, a plethora of his men died for no reason. If something was not in his way, he would demolish it for the fun of it.This applies to more than buildings and structures; Alexander the Great was known for ruthlessly slaughtering entire villages.Also, he treated his troops with disrespect and disregard.Furthermore, he was a reckless, and negligent military leader.Alexander the Villain Alexander the Great was a greedy, horrible leader.He did a great deal of things that would be frowned upon today.Though his empire did not survive intact after his death, it was the largest empire at the time.In this respect, Alexander the Great is the most influential Macedonian ruler.The situation came to a head when Philip tripped and fell while charging Alexander for insulting General Attalus.Attalus had insinuated that Alexander was illegitimate and unworthy of being Philip’s successor to which Alexander took offense.


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