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They'll inject deep meaning into an experience by saying they "learned a valuable lesson" that they didn't actually learn.For example, you can , "Community service taught me it's important to help people," or…But another way to share your lesson is to walk your talk and share by example, much like leading by example.

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Here's the prompt: One of the core values of Villanova, as an Augustinian university founded on the teachings of St.

Augustine, is that students and faculty learn from each other.

The best examples are ones that actually changed the way you think or even better, inspired you to do something with the lesson.

For example, if you say that the death of your grandfather taught you to appreciate life, that's certainly a valid example.

…but almost certainly, none of those are really true.

You never had any idea it was important to help people until you did community service?But what started as just a way to make her friends laugh actually taught her how much more fun high school life was when she just laughed at herself, when she wasn't so worried about what everybody thought of her.It was liberating for her and she planned to keep being exactly the same way in college, even if it meant tripping on purpose during her very first day in the dorms.You could win the state championship in football and it might be the highlight of your high school career.But you may or may not have learned a lesson while doing it.Here are a few tips: Resist the urge to try to impress Learning valuable lessons from life experiences and then applying them is something that mature, intelligent people do.So it certainly sounds like a good idea to talk about life lessons in a college application essay, which is why so many students choose to do so. The supplemental essay prompt for Villanova on the Common Application is one that virtually guarantees their admissions officers will have to spend hours reading cliche college essays.But the truly thoughtful applicants who really take the time to consider the prompt and to write a revealing essay will stand out–and that's just who Villanova wants to admit anyway.The prompt specifies that your lesson should be one that you "want to share with others." So the best responses will include your thoughts about just exactly how you might share this in college.One way to share your lesson is certainly to tell other people about it.


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