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2010); which clearly shows that there was no reason for the soldiers to have had used excess force in the first place.Instead they were supposed to have applied diplomacy and only use force where necessary; at the same time the Commanders in the field were supposed to make important decisions and not give orders of civilian’s execution.This horrifying episode came into public light in November 1969 when a US soldier was interviewed on television; it is during that time that the soldier gave an actual account of the events of that day and admitted to how the platoon had deliberately and systematically shot civilians during that day (Bilton and Siam, 1992).

The actual number people who were killed during that day remains unknown, however the official approximation figure was pegged at 175 but the actual figure is thought to have been much more higher in the region of 500 people (Bilton and Siam, 1992).

In fact according to the memorial at My Lai the list actually has 504 people written.

The introduction of your essay serves two important purposes.

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This paper analyses the vents that happened at My Lai village and why it could have been prevented had the US army followed the principles of war.

The paper starts by looking at what really happened and then proceeds to analyze whether the killings could indeed have been prevented.

These facts were collaborated by the people who later returned to the village and claimed it took them several days to bury the dead who included very young children.

To make it worse, the bodies had been badly mutilated apart from being shot.

The Platoon which was commanded by Lieutenant William Calley was on a search and destroy mission that was directed on My Lai village with the sole aim of finding members of the NLF popularly described as Vietcong (Bilton and Siam, 1992).

The reason for directing the operation on that village is because the area had in the recent past been very active with the Vietcong rebels.


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