Uw Madison Application Essay

You are invited but not required to provide additional information in this essay.

Some applicants tell us about hardships and challenges that they have faced in their lives and how these experiences have helped them become caring and compassionate individuals.

Other applicants use this space to emphasize a particular passion they have related to their future career in medicine.

If you are not a resident of Wisconsin, you may want to tell us why you are interested in the University of Wisconsin or about a special connection that you may have to our state or people who live here.

These should be like dessert or in UW’s case, cheese curds—not where the real nutritional value lies but fine in measured doses. Kyra Tyler is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions experts.

Kyra is a graduate of Harvard University and Northwestern University.

Who doesn’t want to attend a school where you can dress like a candy cane all year?

Or attend classes surrounded by a neat downtown with lots of options and a gorgeous lake?

there is potential for publication” if they spend enough time there.

The school “provides amazing opportunities to its students and is extremely accommodating.” As one student describes, “Academic tutoring happens around campus for almost every single class and mental health resources are available 24/7.”Professors “know that the university culture involves lots of interaction and mentoring of students” and therefore “are truly about teaching and learning.” “Tests are generally fair and … Another notes that some courses are styled as “active learning classes,” in which “students watch short lecture videos” and work out homework with the assistance of the professor and TAs during class time.


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