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Yet the United Kingdom has a history of playing fast and loose with its constitution.

It prides itself on having an uncodified, unwritten “constitution” based on convention, tradition, precedent, important legislation, and a handful of authoritative sources.

EU directives - which then affected UK Law - were the result of the deliberations of either a directly elected body or a body appointed by directly elected heads of government (the EU Parliament or European Commission, respectively) 5.

But Brexit requires this decision-making process to be changed, and, because of tight legal deadlines, there is little time to debate what a new structure would look like.

But Brexit does not ask just for new employment and food safety regulations.

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It changes who has the power to make such decisions and how.Therefore, Brexit needs to be delivered by an institution that can command confidence across a vast majority of British citizens.Since Brexit divides both parties 8, it needs to be discussed independently of party politics.The UK itself is a patchwork of different countries, so many think it is fitting that its “constitution” is a patchwork of different ideas, leaving political leaders free to improvise and manoeuvre as the situation demands.Witness the changes to the House of Lords throughout the 20th century.But numerous other examples remain: laws within the UK about competition, labour & employment, food safety, and many others 3.These may seem like nothing more than a large volume of routine legal changes.But Brexit is an acute change that demands answers in a matter of months, not years, and these answers must be reached in a democratic, deliberative process.A Constitutional Convention meets those requirements, and it need not challenge the tradition of an uncodified constitution.When the UK entered the EEC (as it was called at the time) in 1972, Parliament granted the European Commission authority on these matters.European law became the de facto prevailing law of the UK, and the European Court of Justice held jurisdiction in any matters where the EU has competency 4.


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