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However there are obstacles to the developed learning style.As an on-campus dormitory resident, there are additional problems that get in the way of studying, such as concentrating with someone else in the room; someone else's need for music or quiet while concentrating; talking to friends in person, on the phone even as simply vastly different lighting needs.

However, other students may use different styles together or in different situations.Hence in the purist sense of learning styles, people vary in their aptitudes for learning.This is part of how we willing we are to learn, and the styles or preferences for how they learn if they choose to.The ability to listen to a lecture and take notes for studying for the test becomes a cognitive response coupled with retaining at least 75% of what is presented.The learning technique of reading and taking notes for preparation for the taking of an examination is critical.I’m of the opinion that a student’s learning style can be shaped from different experiences.Most people adhere to the notion of “trial and error” learning.“It is important to identify preferred learning style so that the development of a set of strategies to capitalize on strengths and compensate for weaknesses.” (Dunn, 2000) Because abilities differ from the student to student, it’s clear that some do not derive full benefit from the regular school program.If students are to realize their potential, there must be adjustments both in the in-school and in the out-of-school learning styles.(Sims, 1995) To address this issue, today’s progressive counselors serve predominantly as consultants, identifying and advancing different learning styles.“Many theoreticians and practitioners in education place high priority on the realization of giftedness.


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