Thesis Statement For Athletes As Role Models

[tags: Athletes Athletics Sports Role Models Essays] - Role models have an astounding effect on the lives of young people in our society.A role model has the ability to shape the views, ideals, and actions of a young person.They set very bad examples for children who want to have the job that the players have. Former baseball pitcher Steve Howe was already removed from the sport because of substance abuse. Boxer Riddick Bowe punched an opponent during a press conference.

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When one hears the term leader, there may be some confusion around what qualities a leader may or may not possess.

One should also avoid confusing a good leader with a good role model, because although a good role model may possess similar qualities, there are a few qualities that are required in order to be a strong leader.

Celebrities of today are not appropriate role models for this generation.

Everywhere a person looks, sex is exalted by celebrities.

Once they have completed a story that is at the right level of crudeness, they deliver it to the public.

The vulgar news reaches households all across the world, and then it soon pollutes the minds of innocent and young children.

Steroids are very bad for the athlete’s body and is also very wrong for the professional competition. Why would they do anything stupid like steroids to jeopardize their career.

Athletes should not be viewed as role models for many different reasons.

The youth believes that if they imitate these cynosures they will become affluent and legendary.

Famous people imply that if the youth act insubordinately they will be successful in life.


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