The Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

The Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell Essay-23
When testing the show by observing children watching it, they noticed children were quite selective about what they paid attention to, for example, toys on the floor or the show on TV.However, that didn’t influence what they’d remember – the quality of the content did.As a result, the team engineered the entire show around children’s attention, monitoring it meticulously, which ultimately led to the format the show is still in today – humans interacting with fantasy creatures.

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The kids could only give a few select looks to an educational scene about how to spell the word “cat”, yet still remember the lesson.

That meant unlike adults, children paid attention to TV in order to learn and understand, not to be entertained.

Pareto’s Law is once again at play here, where roughly 20% of the “carriers” cause 80% of the infections with an idea.

Gladwell specifically points out three kinds of people that turn ideas into epidemics: If you want your idea to go viral, getting it in the hands of a few of these key players is crucial to hit critical mass.

There was a definite moment though, in February 2012, when all of a sudden, the entire world seemed to need an account.

It’s in this exact moment that Instagram’s user growth curve shoots up meteorically and it becomes the fastest growing social network of all time.

In this book, Gladwell has found an apt metaphor for helping readers understand how worthy ideas can languish in our culture while superficial ones sometimes flourish.

After reading about a syphilis contagion in urban Baltimore in the early 1990s, Gladwell found the metaphor that became the thesis of the book.

Just make something so great, one person who sees it can’t live without sharing it.

Then, and only then, should you start caring about the tipping point.


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