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Nevertheless, sometimes trying too hard ultimately separates one from her goal, and in the process, loses all that she knows to be familiar and comfortable.Matilda, at the end of the story, finds herself further away from riches than she has ever been; she should have been content with her position in life, but because she was not, Matilda actually brought all the hardship she faced onto herself because of the vain efforts she made to belong with the wealthy. Forester, the root cause of Loisel’s agony, was actually bogus or fake.

Some people delude themselves into thinking that they are in positions that they are not; they aspire to always move up the social hierarchy.The literary elements that best contribute to the theme are the tone (defined as the “attitude reflected by the author in a literary work”; and symbolism (“a literal identity but also stands for something else”.The tone of the short story is replete with situation irony as depicted by the discovery that the diamond necklace borrowed from Mme.This paper illustrates that the theme “is a representation of the idea behind the story… For “The Necklace” the theme is, therefore, a story about discovering that wanting material things beyond what one could actually afford could bring incomprehensibly disastrous consequences.This was discovered by the main character, Loisel Rampouneau, an ordinary wife of a clerk in the Department of Education, as her simple and austere life turned into a remorsefully arduous journey.Living in nineteenth century France, a time and society where class defines one's worth, Matilda is unsatisfied with her present status.Although she feels that she was "born for all delicacies and luxuries," Matilda ceases to see the simple splendor of her own quarters and suffers "from the poverty of her apartment" (297). Middle The creation of her image for the party fuels her desire to forget what she knows to be the truth, and thus she too becomes blind to her inner most feelings.In meager status, Loisel insisted, beyond grasp, to project an image which is not her real and true identity, requiring her to buy a dress beyond their means and to borrow a jewelry to perfect the facade of elegance and sophistication.The symbolism that dominated in the story was the title itself, the necklace.This sequence of process-based writing lessons leans heavily on insights from a close reading of the text, "The Diamond Necklace." Across these lessons, students plan, draft, revise, and edit an informational essay explaining what Mathilde values. Introduction Essay on "The Diamond Necklace" Blind Vanity Mr.


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