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Certain verbs like sing, dance, and write often mislead people into using an adjective instead of an adverb: He sang beautiful (should be beautifully). Some have unusual forms: well, rather, very, late, soon, seldom, often, now, later, today, tomorrow. Most adverbs are made up of adjectives with -ly endings. They show how, when and where: sadly happy, died lately, far behind.

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Change the marked word to an adjective or change the marked adjective to the proper form.

But you might need to make it more specific for your reader by saying what kind of tree it is (pine tree, Norway Maple).

Instructors want students to learn to evaluate their own writing and may only wish to provide a clue about the nature of the problem.

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Adverbs are words that describe (modify) verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.

Sometimes, though, the adjective is separated from the word it modifies by a verb called a linking verb: The peppers taste hot. Adjectives that come after a linking verb (in the examples above, the verbs are taste and hot), are called predicate adjectives.After making corrections, to ensure all of the marks have been eliminated, the Author should do a final Search for proofing marks.Because some of the marks may be used by the Author as part of the text, the Author should avoid having the software search and replace without personally verifying each instance.Traditional methods of editing include marks in the margins.Many electronic transmissions may not include margins (e.g., E-mail messages).Avoid abbreviation in formal writing such as &, gov't., U. Most of the time you'll be using words that can be replaced by he, she or it. A., thru, OK, MI Exceptions: With proper names, abbreviated titles are preferred: Dr., Mr., Messrs., Ms., Mrs., Mmes., Jr., Sr., St. Third person pronouns are he, she and it: He moves, she moves, it moves.Proofreaders and Instructors have different objectives in marking papers.Proofreaders need a perfect final copy and thus must exactly mark the problem.The Editor may choose to color the codes as a means of attracting the Author's attention and if the communication medium permits.However, the Author is advised to use the Search option in any event.


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