Student Essay On Drug Trafficking

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The most prominent case is that of Senator Leila de Lima.

The most prominent case is that of Senator Leila de Lima.But it includes many other lower-level politicians.

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Those who do have a drug addiction problem mostly do not receive adequate care.

Treatment for drug addiction is highly underdeveloped and underprovided in the Philippines, and China’s rushing in to build larger treatment facilities is unlikely to resolve this problem.

Even prior to the Duterte’s brutal war on drugs, the rate of HIV infections in the Philippines has been soaring due to inadequate awareness and failure to support safe sex practices, such as access to condoms.

Along with Afghanistan, the Philippine HIV infection rate is the highest in Asia, increasing 50 percent between 20.

Without disclosing credible evidence or convening a fair trial, President Duterte has ordered the arrest of scores of politicians accused of drug-trade links; three such accused mayors have died during police arrests, often with many other individuals dying in the shoot-outs.

The latest such incident occurred on July 30, 2017 when Reynaldo Parojinog, mayor of Ozamiz in the southern Philippines, was killed during a police raid on his house, along with Parojinog’s wife and at least five other people.Among high-risk groups, including injection- drug users, gay men, transgender women, and female prostitutes, the rate of new infections jumped by 230 percent between 2011and 2015.Duterte’s war on drugs will only intensify these worrisome trends among drug users.The mass killings and imprisonment in the Philippines will not dry up demand for drugs: the many people who will end up in overcrowded prisons and poorly-designed treatment centers (as is already happening) will likely remain addicted to drugs, or become addicts.There is always drug smuggling into prisons and many prisons are major drug distribution and consumption spots.In prisons, users will not get adequate treatment for either their addiction or their communicable disease.That is the reason why other countries that initially adopted similar draconian wars on drugs (such as Thailand in 2001) eventually tried to backpedal from them, despite the initial popularity of such policies with publics in East Asia.Duterte’s policy does just the opposite: in slaughtering people, it is making a drug-distribution market that was initially rather peaceful (certainly compared to Latin America, of the state actions, extrajudicial killings, and vigilante killings he has ordered.Worse yet, the police and extrajudicial killings hide other murders, as neighbors and neighborhood committees put on the list of drug suspects their rivals and people whose land or property they want to steal; thus, anyone can be killed by anyone and then labeled a pusher.Even though throughout East Asia, tough drug policies toward drug use and the illegal drug trade remain government default policies and often receive widespread support, countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, and even Myanmar have gradually begun to experiment with or are exploring HARM reduction approaches, such as safe needle exchange programs and methadone maintenance, as the ineffective and counterproductive nature and human rights costs of the harsh war on drugs campaign become evident.Moreover, frightening and stigmatizing drug users and pushing use deeper underground will only exacerbate the spread of infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and tuberculosis.


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