Strategies For Solving Math Word Problems

Strategies For Solving Math Word Problems-67
Word problems and the strategies the authors studied to teach them are vital for numerous reasons.

Word problems and the strategies the authors studied to teach them are vital for numerous reasons.

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Education professors have shown that a comprehension-based strategy can help English learners improve their math word-problem solving abilities.

The approach boosts reading comprehension and problem solving as well. While they face many of the same challenges as their peers, when it comes to mathematics, they are not only learning to work with numbers but doing so through the dynamic of a second language that presents new difficulties, especially with word problems.

The strategy model is available for interested educators as a lesson plan example in the article's appendix.

Orosco and Abdulrahim make several specific recommendations for teacher preparation programs to better educate future teachers to use such approaches, such as providing them with evidence-based practices and matching them with pedagogy, helping them understand how reading, writing and math are all related and providing encouragement and instruction on using more word problems.

that uses comprehension strategy instruction with 78 English learner students in a West Coast school district.

Scores and achievement improved for the students, indicating the strategy can help boost word problem-solving skills for the students, and the authors recommend teacher preparation programs train future teachers in using such approaches.If you begin to solve problems by looking for clue words, you will find that those words often indicate an operation.This, of course, means looking for clue words as outlined in the previous section.Comprehension strategy instruction addresses math, reading, writing, vocabulary and, perhaps most importantly, reading comprehension.Improvements in those areas lead not only to better test scores but also to students who are able to solve problems in other areas of life. S., we're just programmed to hate math, and we don't teach a lot of problem-solving," Orosco said.For English learners, that can happen even earlier or lead to minority students being placed unnecessarily in special education, Orosco said.Such a plateau results in students not only scoring poorly in math but seeing roadblocks to well-paying careers in fields such as engineering and the sciences, among others.There are a couple of things you need to do when solving problems.Ask yourself exactly what type of information is being asked for: Is it one of addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division?"Word problems show up in our curriculum every day, straight through from kindergarten to 12th grade," Orosco said. You want them to find the correct answer, but you also want them to learn to form problem-solving models. How much money did Esmeralda spend on a new pair of shoes?With this strategy, we're trying to make it simple for teachers. " Some students may not experience difficulty in computing the math to arrive at the correct answer.


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