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This can be a very good long-term investment (if you have the time), especially if you are planning to stay in the academia.

You will need to understand different statistical methods and the rationale behind choosing them — not only when you do your research, but also whenever you read other people’s work.

This is not unethical, and often even advised as statistics continues to become more complex.

Many researchers these days are dealing with large amounts of data that are managed using computer programs and computer-controlled equipment.

These types of analyses require deep statistical expertise.

Students that have focused their time on learning their specific disincline can rightfully feel overwhelmed.

Find Somebody to Help You Out If you do have the time to acquire deep knowledge in statistic and/or you are running out of time, you might elect to look for someone who can assist you.

This should be a person who can provide you with deep statistical or computational expertise.

Upwork is one such platform where you can search for a statistics consultant.

However, make sure that your conduct is not considered unethical by your department.


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