Solving Story Problems With Algebra

Solving Story Problems With Algebra-63
When you’re solving algebra word problems, it’s smart to have a plan of attack ready to follow.Solving word problems may seem difficult, but when you read through the problem and can figure out what the specific equation is, it’s no harder than a regular algebra problem.

When you’re solving algebra word problems, it’s smart to have a plan of attack ready to follow.

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A tutor can also provide you with practice problems that focus on the specific areas that you need help with, such as setting up algebra word problems that emphasize certain areas over others.On the other hand, if you write down each step while solving the problem, you can retrace your steps and make sure your answer is correct.Above anything else, algebra word problems need practice on a consistent basis.You can concentrate on each small task within the algebra problem, and then put the pieces together at the end.Having a written record of each variable also helps when it comes time to give your solution, as you know what variable has the answer in it!By working a few algebra word problems each day, you’ll be able to fine-tune your solving methods and work on any of the rough parts.If algebra word problems are giving you trouble in class, working with a private math tutor can help you keep up with the math topics.For instance, suppose you're told that "Shelby worked eight hours MTTh F and six hours WSat".You would be expected to understand that this meant that she worked eight hours for each of the four days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; and six hours for each of the two days Wednesday and Saturday.Here are some tips for getting a solid system of steps to follow when you are solving algebra word problems: While it might seem tempting to start working on the problem as soon as you get halfway through the first sentence, you need to be patient.When you read through the entire problem, you’ll have a better chance of noticing any variables that are given and any that you need to solve for.


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