Short Essay About Money Can'T Buy Happiness

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The paradox is, when you look at change over time, that doesn't happen." [US is Richest Nation, But Not Happiest]The 'Easterlin paradox,' as it is known, has been the subject of much academic debate.

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What makes me happy is actually knowing that I am building a life where I can support my wife and my children in the future.

The results apply to developed and developing countries worldwide, said study researcher Richard Easterlin, a professor of economics at the University of Southern California."Happiness doesn't increase with the rate of economic growth even in less-developed countries or transitional countries," Easterlin told Live Science.

"We already know that to be true of developed countries, but now it's been extended to countries of lower levels of income."Easterlin and his colleagues reported the results this week (Dec.

There is absolutely no correlation between more income and more happiness.

Here’s a little graph to show you a rough guide to what this would look like.


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