Role Of Lay Magistrates Essay

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Rather, the families should conduct family discussions and establish good family communication skills.

With proper the proper attention that adolescence depression/suicide disserves, the number of suicide cases will decrease in the The key issue in this case is Intention.

Despite being lay members within the law, they try 97% of all criminal cases and deal with preliminary hearings in the remaining 3% of criminal cases, these involve Early Administrative Hearings, remand hearings, bail applications, sentencing and transfer proceedings.

Lay magistrates also deal with commitals, magistrates can commit a defendant charged with a triable either way offence for the sentence to the Crown Court at the end of the case having heard the defendants past record, they feel that their powers of punishment are insufficent.

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The Role and Powers of Lay Magistrates in Criminal Cases 1a) Describe the role and powers of lay magistrates in criminal cases.In theory lay magistrates are volunteers, who sit as a bench of two or three in the magistrates court overseeing either summary or triable either way offences, the size of the pannel has been limited to a maximim of three, whereas before in 1996 there could be up to seven magistrates sitting together to hear a case.Unlike other members of the judiciary, their role and functions have limitations.During the first pre-trial hearing at Magistrates Court, the CPS must demonstrate that there is a prima facie case suicide.As I began to gather information in depth about teen suicide, I realized that children who have problems should not be bombarded with medications and forced to talk about their problems with psychotherapists.Lay magistrates have a fairly wide discretion as to the sentence they select in each case although they are subject to certain restrictions.Magistrates can only impose a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment for one offence, the Criminal Justice Act 2003 allows this to be increased to twelve months, and a maximum fine of £5000.However, if a defendant admits guilt then the defense's role will be to seek a lenient sentence based on that omission.There are many stages of a criminal trial and at each one the CPS conceivably carries the majority of the burden.The clerk’s duty is to guide the magistrates on the question of law, practice and procedure.The clerk can not assist in the decision making and should not normally retire with the magistrates when they make their discisions.


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