Road Safety Essay In Telugu

Road Safety Essay In Telugu-9
Infrastructure and technology Citizens must campaign for safer, wider roads and better sidewalks to limit accidents.Speed governors in each vehicle would provide a low-cost solution to speeding.Safe Road User awards at the school level would provide an incentive for many children to follow road safety rules.

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There is also a need to provide well-maintained, safe and efficient public transport systems, particularly in developing nations.

Fingerprint identification systems, similar to those in laptop computers, could be used in each vehicle, with each vehicle responding only to a programmed set of fingerprints.

Laws could require prominent display of the driver’s license on his/her vehicle while driving, in addition to safety regulations (such as adequate maintenance and the use of the seatbelt) and random breath testing policies.

Policies could provide for the creation of better roads and pavements, supervised playing areas for children and monitored crossings near schools.

Sixteen year old Anupama Kumar from India won first prize and attended the World Youth Assembly to receive her award.

As part of her prize, her essay will be published in the upcoming WHO/UNICEF World report on child and adolescent injury prevention.

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For any effective change in the safety of our roads, however, we need to consciously change our attitudes towards providing safer roads- not just for ourselves or for young people, but for everyone.

Road Safety Week is organised every year in the month of January by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.


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