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Lack of managerial commitment and low organizational motivation are the tweedledum and tweedledee of the Indian Public Sector work culture, which have been plaguing it since inception.Acting in concert, they have brought about a sort of...

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Jedes Leben ist unendlich wertvoll, unverhandelbar und unveräusserlich.

While prior board of director studies have considered the role of director occupational expertise in areas such as law and finance on the strategic actions of the firm, little consideration has been given to understanding the value that...

This class of management experts used to acquire training in management at work but it could not be guaranteed that their aptitude and potential for management will develop.

Thus the management theory and practice in India is in transitional stage and it would be really interesting and useful to measure and analysis the leadership practices in some Indian industries taking the "human aspect" for subject matter.

It is necessary to explain clearly the concept of leadership.

Leadership concept The word leadership has been widely used by political orators, business executives, social workers, philosophers and scholars both in speeches and writing, yet the real meaning has eluded almost everybody.

The concept of leadership used in measurement of the performance of the employees in organization.

The important variable used for measuring the performance has been restricted to the aspect of human behavior and the physical factors have...

The mourners, on the other hand, are the promotions starved men and women with deep convictions about their self-worth and their potential to add value to the organization, who feel aggrieved at the management’s inability to envisage their intrinsic value in the higher administrative echelons, thereby failing to upgrade them to suitable positions.

The loners, carrying their lonely ploughs, are mostly level-headed and self motivated people, who take their lot philosophically and strive to contribute their best in the gloomy environs.


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