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For instance, in 2017, Project7 launched a useful product as Midnight which is known to be fortified with Vitamin B.

The above factors contributes to the rising growth of the product in the market.

However, the increasing preference for different variants such as diet, functional, and flavored products by millennials and teenagers will further escalate their movement through convenience stores in the market. Countries, such as China and India, are contributing significantly to market growth as a result of the increasing acceptance of confectionery products from Generation Z and millennials.

Rising preference for healthy chewing products has rendered a definite demand for the product in the market.

The rising concerns about oral health risks such as tooth decay due to the presence of sugar have been a concern for the manufacturers to come up with the new offerings in sugar-free categories in the market. The rising concern for health issues has increased the demand for functional variants in the market.

The manufacturers are introducing new innovative, functional categories such as lifestyle, weight, oral health, and nicotine products which overshadows all other functional confectionery categories.

As per the International Research Association (IRA), it is suggested that repetitive chewing of gums enhances concentration on a particular task that requires continuous monitoring.

Moreover, it contributes to relieving stress and aids in weight management.

• Sugared Chewing Gum • Sugar free Chewing Gum The sugar-free products are the largest and the fastest growing ingredient segment.

The market is growing at a CAGR of around 7.8% from 2017 to 2025.


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