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Strategies such as flipping a coin, assigning random numbers, rolling dice, and even drawing names out of a hat are commonly used.The goal of a psychology experiment is to determine if changes in one variable lead to changes in another variable.With selection bias, certain members of a sample population are intentionally omitted or targeted based on a specific trait(s).

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The next morning, all of the participants meet in a classroom and everyone takes the same math test.

The scores on the tests are then compared to see if the amount of sleep the night before had any impact on test scores.

Using random assignment means that each participant has the same chance of being assigned to any of these groups.

So what type of procedures might psychologists utilize for random assignment?

Once they have a pool of participants that are representative of the population they are interested in looking at, they will then randomly assign the participants to their groups.

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Some participants will end up in the control group, which serves as a baseline and does not receive the independent variables.

Other participants will end up in the experimental groups, which do receive some form of the independent variables.

By using random assignment, the researchers make it more likely that the groups are equal at the start of the experiment.

With random assignment, participants have an equal chance of being assigned to an experimental or control group, resulting in a sample that is, in theory, representative of the population.

Random assignment helps ensure comparable groups, minimizing the influence of individual characteristics, such as age, ...


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