Phd Thesis In Political Science

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Place and Legislative Behavior in Nebraska, Melissa Lee Trueblood PDF Truth and Justice? Beck PDF Creatures of Incoherence: Dissecting the Drivers, History, and Cognition of Attitudinal Incongruence in the American Body Politic, Timothy Collins PDF Changing Times: Population Movements and Education Quality, Nicholas J.

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You are the sole author; your advisor is not considered a co-author.

Your institution is "University of Nebraska-Lincoln" (not "at Lincoln" or ", Lincoln").

King PDF Disproportional Representation: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Educational Attainment Representation in State Government, Jayme l.

Neiman PDF Military Strategy: Theory and Concepts, Randall G.

Kroeger PDF From Boon To Bust: State Lottery Policy & How Stakeholder-Created Beneficiary Fund Structure Determines Vulnerability To Future Legislative Grabs, Lisa Mathews PDF Terrorism Warnings as Strategic Appeals: An Analysis of Press Reporting and Public Reactions, Eric Whitaker PDF Populism and Human Rights in Theory and Practice: Chavez's Venezuela and Fujimori's Peru, Joseph P.

Braun PDF Returning Attention to Policy Content in Diffusion Study, John M.Anderson PDF And Justice for All: Developing Rule of Law in the Balkans, Ryan M.Lowry PDF Fairness, Justice and an Individual Basis for Public Policy, Douglas R.Fulwider PDF Hellfire and Grey Drones: An Empirical Examination of the Effectiveness of Targeted Killings, Matthew A.Morehouse PDF Framing Traits: The Role of Personality in Framing Effects, Kristen D.A Test of the Wary Cooperator Theory and Evolutionary Political Behavior, Timothy Collins PDF Neural basis of egalitarian behavior, Christopher T. Hoffer PDF Understanding Africa’s China Policy: A Test of Dependency Theory and a Study of African Motivations in Increasing Engagement with China, Nkemjika E.Dawes, Peter John Loewen, Darren Schreiber, Alan N. Kalu PDF Patronage Politics and Public Goods Provision in Africa, Alex M.Gruszczynski PDF Defining Scavenger-Actors: Understanding a Global Menace, James Harrold PDF Private Soldiers in Africa: A Look at the Effects of Private Military Contractors and Mercenaries on the Duration of Civil Wars in Africa from 1960 to 2003., Seth H. , Ghulam Farooq Mujaddidi PDF Political Hate Machines: Outside Groups and the 2012 Presidential Campaign Advertising Market, Martin Nader PDF DETERRING THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF KOREA: THE ROLE OF JAPAN’S BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENSE, Jonathan Trexel PDF Regional Regimes for the Defense of Democracy and Coups d'Etat, Jacob P.Wobig PDF Examining the Covariance of Political and Religious Beliefs Within Individuals and Across Generations, Amanda Balzer PDF Human Rights and U. Foreign Policy in the Multilateral Development Banks, Daniel Braaten PDF Reluctance or Power Hunger: Whom do Voters Prefer? Paulus PDF Processing Facial Emotions: An EEG Study of the Differences between Conservatives and Liberals and Across Political Participation, Karl Evan Giuseffi PDF A Sanctuary for Discussion: Liberal Religion and Foreign Policy Attitudes, Madeline M.If your file exceeds 40 Mb, think about reducing its size--there are many ways; Google "reduce pdf file size" to find some. Deppe PDF Congruence and Participation - Does the Discrepancy between the Elite's and the Public's Ideology Come at the Cost of Reduced Participation?, Balazs Feher-Gavra PDF Thinking about Race: How Group Biases Interact with Ideological Principles to Yield Attitudes toward Government Assistance, Frank John Gonzalez PDF The Seeds of Change: Attitudinal Stability and the Direction of Attitudinal Change across the Lifespan, Johnathan C.


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