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Private landowners can obtain a permit to “take” a listed species if that take is incidental to some other lawful activity, such as plowing a field or building a shopping mall.These incidental take permits are issued in conjunction with three different types of agreements: These plans are designed to reconcile land use or development with listed species conservation.The Act includes three key elements: • Preventing listed species from being killed or harmed • Protecting habitat essential to these species’ survival • Creating plans to restore healthy populations In addition, the Act provides numerous conservation resources to help states, tribes, and private landowners.

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In the United States alone, scientists estimate that more than 500 species have disappeared in the past 200 years.Prohibited Actions Congress imposed strict statutory prohibitions on the “take” of endangered species but granted the secretaries of Interior and Commerce discretionary authority to apply these prohibitions to threatened species.“Take” includes activities such as harassing, harming, and killing.Just as important, millions of acres of forests, beaches, and wetlands—those species’ essential habitats—have been protected from degradation.The Endangered Species Act is designed to protect not only large, charismatic wildlife such as grizzly bears and bald eagles, but also species that are more obscure, yet equally unique and critical to the web of life.From protecting black-footed ferrets to sea turtles, the Endangered Species Act has been critical in the battle to save our most imperiled species.The Endangered Species Act provides common-sense, balanced solutions for government agencies, landowners, and concerned citizens to conserve endangered wildlife and their habitats.A proposal to list a species can arise from a petition submitted by the public or state agencies.Sometimes FWS/NMFS determines that listing a species is “warranted but precluded” by the need to list other higher priority species.Unfortunately, some in Congress appear willing, even eager, to break our nation’s promise to future generations to protect our natural heritage.The Endangered Species Coalition works hard with our congressional allies to defend against bills and riders that could undermine the Endangered Species Act.


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