Persuasive Essay About Depression

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The prognosis for recovery is equal in young and old patients, although remission may take longer to achieve in older patients.

Elderly patients usually start antidepressants at lower doses than their younger counterparts.

Depression in the elderly is not part of the normal aging process.

Patients who are elderly when they have their first episode of depression have a relatively higher likelihood of developing chronic and recurring depression.

There are 3 different styles to write cause and effect essays.

The first type is a cause/effect type which explains why r how something happened and what the result was.

Psychotherapy in mild to moderate depression is most effective in the acute phase, and in preventing relapse during continuation phase treatment.

Psychotherapy is not appropriate alone for severe depression, psychosis, and bipolar disorders.

The second type is cause type, which discusses many different reasons for the something happened.

The final type is effect type, which focus on different happenings after the event.


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