Pay Between Assignments

One of the main issues addressed is ‘one-sided flexibility’, which recognises some businesses have transferred too much business risk to the individual, affecting their financial security and personal wellbeing.

It’s important that organisations take the time to review the changes and understand the requirements outlined in the new legislation, as non-compliance could cost organisations financially and damage their reputation.

If you’re unsure about the Good Work Plan and wider developments, it is important to consult a legal team with significant experience of employment law and the imminent changes.

For those working zero-hour contracts, this change will allow them to request a contract that guarantees a minimum number of weekly hours, which is crucial when looking to secure a mortgage.

The Good Work Plan also addresses Swedish derogation, which currently allows agency workers to exchange their right to be paid equally to permanent counterparts in return for a contract guaranteeing pay between assignments.


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    To the same basic working and employment conditions, including pay and annual leave, as directly recruited employees. The Agency Workers Directive allows for derogation where there is pay between assignments PBA. It is an exemption from the equal treatment on pay where a temporary agency offers an agency worker a permanent contract…

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    The payment between assignments must last for at least four weeks before the contract can be terminated. The point of the AWR is to improve pay and conditions of agency workers. The Swedish derogation is only allowed because of the pay that is received by a worker between assignments.…

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    Being paid between assignments. Your temporary work agency may offer you a permanent contract of employment before the first assignment under the contract and pay you between assignments when there is no work pay must be at least 50 per cent of the pay you receive while on assignment and at least the National Minimum Wage.…

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    The right to receive the same holiday pay does not apply to agency workers who have a pay between assignments contract. Sick leave and pay rights. In many ways, an agency worker has the same rights and responsibilities as anybody when they fall ill To not work at their assignment when they are too ill to work…

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