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This means they have to settle with weekly hotel rooms, which end up being more expensive, yet are the only affordable option because they don’t require large down payments.

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These inequalities have many effects on society at large (both wealthy and those in poverty), as well as the families within the working poor.

The economic inequality in our culture has many probable causes, but they all affect society as a whole, regardless of your class or status.

It has also been shown that this inequality and social stratification can be linked to to anxiety, depression, drug abuse, and other stress-related disorders (Booth 2010).

It is because of this constantly present inequality that I believe Ehrenreich’s book most accurately represents conflict theory.

Conflict theory is clearly demonstrated throughout the book-social order based on inequality, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

There is also evidence of structural-functionalism, though it is not the best fit.

Several studies have been done that show a significant increase in homicides, both in the U. and worldwide, in societies that have a large margin between the rich and the poor (Martin, Wilson, and Vasdev 2001).

Homicides are generally the most common measure of violent crime due to the fact that statistics are reported worldwide.

Structural-functionalism is defined as a society in which there are groups of people organized into levels that enable individuals in this society to find stability, order and meaning (Kimmel, Aronson, and Dennis 2011).

Ehrenreich shows that there are certainly levels within society, however, because of the inequalities that are present, the individuals in the working poor are unable to find stability or order because they are running a never-ending race so to speak.


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