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Starting a business whether you’re launching in Kansas City (or anywhere in the world) involves risk … And a writing a business plan can help you run the numbers and make informed decisions to help your business succeed. A business plan is a vital planning tool and operating guide that can help convince leaders and investors, including banks, to take risk and fund your idea. It clarifies your business idea and can be a tool that convinces lenders to lend funds to your venture. It can help you set down your mission, vision, goals and first-round milestones.

Because if you dive in without checking the waters, your business idea might be doomed to sink from the start. And even with all that, it doesn’t have to be 50 pages; there are short-form options out there. Your business plan helps with sales and marketing and can help you guide and manage business growth.

Enter the proof point: Research shows if you’ve got a business plan, you’re far more likely (two and half times more likely, according to Clemson University entrepreneurship professor William B. We can also connect you with sample outlines to help you craft your personal game plan for your business dreams. Here’s what you might include: You might write this last.

This single page outlines the major topics in the plan and summarizes what’s inside.

The mission of the KDA Agricultural Marketing, Advocacy and Outreach Team is to serve all Kansans through innovative programming and delivering solutions designed to create an environment that facilitates growth and expansion in agriculture while increasing pride in and awareness of the state's largest industry - agriculture.

The Kansas Small Business Development Center (KSBDC) at Johnson County Community College provides business assistance to aspiring and existing small business owners in Johnson, Miami and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas through low cost training events and no-charge one-on-one business counseling.What it should be is a living, breathing document you can update and tweak as your operation expands or if you pivot. Not everything will happen as you planned, so if you never change course or pivot, your plan is likely to fail.Because in business and in life, you have to be prepared to change course if required.3 Levels with 3 purposes - an ideation lab to help entrepreneurs refine, and plan startups; an incubator to launch and aid new ventures with mentoring, education, and other critical resources; and an accelerator to scale and grow young businesses.A new division of the City of Excelsior Springs assisting businesses in locating, expanding and moving to the community.Many business-building organizations in Kansas City can help you craft your own plan.Start with this list or pop over to The Resource Navigator to filter this list by your location, industry and more.And writing a business plan doesn’t guarantee success.But getting your thoughts on paper and seeing where your weak areas might be is worth a lot and will increase your chances of success. Just tell us a bit about yourself or give us a ring at 816-235-6500, and we’ll outline your next steps (for free).You also might save this for later once you have the rest of the content written.This is also a single page near the beginning that sums up the important parts of your plan. This is where you’ll address the industry and business, products and services, goals, contingencies, continuity and exit planning.


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