My Goals In Life Essay

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As students our dream is to achieve good marks, have good friends, get support from the family and make it big in life.You can choose any of the following My Dream Essays given below and impress your teacher or evaluator. I also dream of becoming successful in the field I choose although I am still indecisive about the career path I will choose.But I know whatever I choose I will work hard, stay focused and make it big. There are so many problems in the country such as poverty, illiteracy and casteism to name a few.While there are a lot of loopholes in the India political system that has led to these problems however we cannot blame it all on the government.Each one of us should contribute our bit towards our country’s development.I am a firm supporter of each one teach one and have been teaching my maid’s child since the last two years.As I grow up, I aim to join an NGO to empower the poor and needy.Our country was once known for its rich cultural heritage which is all robbed now.The crime rate in the country is at an all time rise and so are various other issues.Introduction From a very early age, kids are made to dream about becoming big professionally.They are fed with the importance of making a successful career.


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