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Your team has created an investment club with 0,000 which must be invested in five different stocks from the following list of stocks .After you purchase your stocks, you must collect all required data related for these stocks and store this data into your database.

Each and every individual, whether it may be employees, employer, retailers, suppliers, contractors and many more, whose workings are straightly or in some other way associated with the business are nowadays employed the Management Information Systems or aka MIS.

By the use of MIS, the business working is executed precisely and in a smooth manner.

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You will build an Information System to manage your investment club.

The Business Tutoring Center is staffed by Upper Division Students from the College of Business Administration. This project is a team assignment to allow individuals to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Here is a brief video showing you the creation of a web page using MS Word and then using File Zilla to upload the web page to the Sacramento State's webpages server: mis101Howto Make Web Page/mis101Howto Make Web (make sure to allow blocked content and to expand the video to show full screen). Here are some of the things I consider when grading: Completeness (contains all requested sections) - Transition (considers and conforms to prior life cycle output) - Effectiveness (for the purpose it was built) - Ease of use (hyperlinks, design, sequence, etc) - Aesthetics (pictures, colors, alignment, etc) - Clarity (content, use of terms, feedback, etc) - Quality (errors, graphics, content, etc) - Conformity to standards (page size, features, etc) - Features (a very basic page is not equal to a page with more features and complexity).

Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.

Tutoring and Study Center is located in Tahoe Hall, Room 1006.

So, your job is to build this system in MS Access and you will use it to store stock and investment information with data downloaded from the Internet and copied from other sources and produce the appropriate information for decision making.


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