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Researcher took a sample of 64 respondents that were selected from study only target population made of 919 VFC women clients in Nyaruguru District within 1509 total VFC clients in Nyaruguru including men.

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They do this primarily by extending small loans without the strict requirements of traditional lenders.

Recipients are usually the poor and "unbanked," but they also include people who are not poor but who lack the credit standing to borrow money to start or grow a business, most of these populations includes women.

A Case Study: VISION FINANCE COMPANY Ltd NYARUGURU Branch is my original work, that has not been, to my best knowledge, submitted and presented to any university of higher learning for a similar award, and that all sources I have used and quoted have been acknowledged by complete references. Albert RUTAYISIRE Date: ....../......./2016 I, The final product of this research project is not the result of the effort of one person but a combination of participation of different persons.

First and foremost I thank the Almighty God who has been taking care of me and keeping me strong and done everything for my best.

At the same time, microfinance is being promoted as a key poverty alleviation strategy to enable poor women and men to cope with the adverse economic and social impacts of structural adjustment policies and globalization, Mayoux (2001). Traditionally, women (especially those in underdeveloped countries) have been unable to readily participate in economic activity.

Microfinance provides women with the financial banking they need to start business ventures and actively participate in the economy.

It gives them confidence, improves their status and makes them more active in decision-making, thus encouraging gender equality.

According to CGAP, long-standing MFIs even report a decline in violence towards women since the inception of microfinance.

It is not possible to thank all of you in person, as this may not be sufficient or exhaustive in coverage, extent and depth.

However, special thanks go to my fellow friends who have been together with me during my studies, and who managed to provide any kind of support during this period. Albert RUTAYISIRE In the world a men dominated society, women have always been underestimated and discriminated in all domains of life be it their family and social life or their economic and political life.


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