Math Homework Ideas

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It was a lesson learned about the importance of knowing about the home-school relationship in the learning process.

Today, given the hectic and often overfilled schedules that are part of so many students' daily lives, I'd consider Simplicio's (2005) solution to the dilemma, which "lies in setting aside time at the end of the school day to coordinate and supervise homework activities in school" (p. Without accommodating learner differences, we set students up for failure or boredom when, in fact, we can do something about that in the design of experiences outside of school that are meant to reinforce learning.

I recall in my early years as an educator moving to a new state and one particular interview for a middle school teaching position.

The principal asked for my views on homework, and I responded that, yes, I believed in the concept.

These scenarios are not all-encompassing, and you might be thinking, "You exaggerate." But homework has and most likely will continue to pose a dilemma.

It is time to treat math homework a little differently.The Dilemma Arguments against homework are becoming popular in the press.Critics, such as Alfie Kohn, question the need for homework and circumstances under which homework should be given.She said it burned it up when she put it into the microwave to dry.I am not saying to eliminate a homework requirement.The examples from the published research show how discourse can be limited in talking over homework problems.For example: In contrast, the kinds of discourse measured by talking across problems focus on the big mathematical ideas on connections and contrasts between problems.In spite of research design flaws, a synthesis of research from 1987 to 2003 on homework reveals "generally consistent evidence for a positive influence of homework on achievement." We do need to consider grade level and student characteristics, however, as "simple homework-achievement correlations revealed evidence that a stronger correlation existed (a) in Grades 7-12 than in K-6 and (b) when students rather than parents reported time on homework" (Cooper, Robinson, & Patall, 2006, p. What I also suggest is taking a closer look at current literature on teaching and learning, which calls for differentiated instruction and attention to learning styles, thinking styles, and multiple intelligence theory.When it comes to math homework, differentiation does not seem to carry over, and it should be considered beyond assigning the problems out of a text by level of difficulty.Herbel-Eisenmann argue that teachers should "Reconsider typical discourse strategies when discussing homework and move toward a system that promotes the Standards for Mathematical Practice." Their research focused on the contrasting ways to have students engage in discourse-the use of spoken or written language as well as other modes of communication to convey meaning—in going over homework in class.They acknowledged that an important characteristic of homework is that "it provides each individual student with the opportunity to develop skills and to think about important mathematical ideas." Spending time in class going over homework also gives students the "opportunity to discuss those ideas collectively." With homework dominating all other categories of math instruction, the researchers argue that the time spent going over homework can be "time well spent, making unique and powerful contributions to students’ learning opportunities" In talking over homework problems, the tendency is the focus is on the mechanics of one problem rather than the big mathematical ideas.


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