Literature Review On Stress Management

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Their report 2010 report, released in 2011, found student’s emotional health to be at record lows due to a number of college related stressors (Pryor).

While the CIRP report did not go more indepth into examining the causes of stress, numerous other studies have extensively identified certain stress creating factors.

Without understanding the full picture, any possible solution risks not addressing the problem fully.

The literature has mainly provided two paths for reducing campus stress, a classroom based wellness curriculum or different variations of physical activity.

Some studies have focused on a combination of wellness courses and physical activities.

Biochemistry Coursework - Literature Review On Stress Management

Most studies have reported at least some measure of success in these efforts, but some have pinned these successes on their indirect effects on other traits.While this could be contributed to the influence of drugs and alcohol that the paper also focused on, the end result was still higher stress levels in students.Academically, a study performed on Indian students also found worse “goal orientation” among undergraduates as stress levels went up (Ahmad, 2013).An additional study published by an engineering professor and a public health professor at Rowan University examined the effect of major choice on student stress.The research found that “engineering students as a whole were not significantly more likely” to be at risk for stress related diseases, but also found that they were less likely to excessively drink or smoke, which other majors were more likely to do (Foster, 2003).They identified “ unrealistic course expectations, and interpersonal conflicts” as two of the main factors which would cause students stress to spillover between parts of life, in addition to overall financial stability which was a main concern for a majority of students (Pedersen, 2016).These stressors can have a major effect on quality of life and academic success.The poor goal orientation led to overall lower performance in classes.While the academic consequences should take the backseat to the health impacts of stress, it is important to discuss both when outlining the effects of stress on students.Any solution to widespread stress must actively involve students over a long period of time, and focus on teaching sustainable tools that can be used car into the future.While many of the papers on this topic are not focused solely on a population of undergraduate students, there are certain lessons that can be extrapolated to a more general group.


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