Leaving A Legacy Essay

Holding open the door for someone, picking up a dropped pencil, or just smiling at someone passing by.

Yes, most of these things are not life altering and jaw dropping acts, however I hope that these little things can change someones life, even for a few seconds.

Although I know my father was a good man, these stories aren’t what help me keep his memory alive.

There are times when just putting on a Beatles song makes me feel entirely more connected.

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Growing up, there were times when I felt lost, realizing all the connections I should have had with him that I didn’t.

I don’t have any memories with him, only stories of him told to me by my grandmother. To me, his life had been snuffed out too quickly; he had left nothing behind but his family.

Leadership is my outlet for helping others because it goes beyond inspiring someone to do something; it actually help them achieve their goal.— Liam S, NJWhen I grow up I want to be a pediatrician, so it would only make sense that I would want to help others and be remembered as such.

I want people to see me as someone who helps them achieve their dreams, or helps to make them feel better.— Adenike A, North Hunterdon Highschool I hope that I can pursue a career as a film director and create films that earn their legacy by entertaining, provoking, and enriching viewers.— Dylan Itkin, Providence, RIObjects with special meaning The idea of legacy has been on my mind ever since I was little, when my father passed away.


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