Kite Runner Conflict Essay

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Hassan is true to himself and his relationships end up having no troubles in the future.

Hassan is true to himself and his relationships end up having no troubles in the future.

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Throughout the progression of the plot, the audience views a very different side of Amir, from a boy immersed in a world of affluence and privilege to a young gentleman; who returns to his homeland in Afghanistan to redeem his family’s reputation.

The youth, adolescence and adulthood of Amir Khan clearly demonstrate conflict in a world so different from ours.

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Loyalty is an attitude of devoted affection while betrayal is the disappoint of the hopes one has.

When Hassan is being accused he is also betraying himself by taking the fall for something he did not do.

After many years, Hassan is still loyal to Amir and decides to take care of his house but is later betrayed.

Amir conscience does not realize what is right and wrong and his relationships start to falter when he relies on his conscience to make his choices.

Baba is willing to be loyal to his own heritage more than those around him.

Amir is so caught up with himself in the novel that he does not realize he is actually betraying his loved ones.

Amir thinks Baba like Hassan more than him so he wants to betray Hassan so he can have a good relationship with Baba. He thinks he is going to provoke Hassan but he still remains loyal and feels betrayed that his own friend wants to hurt him.


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