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Whatever the reason, I found it very distracting, like I already mentioned and it seemed to make chapters 2-4 kind of drag for me.

But once Jane Seymour (wife number three) came into the picture, the pace seemed to pick back up, so I think the fault was my own.

I’m the person to go to for any Tudor related question. The not obvious answer is that it had a lot to do with the whole feminist reinterpretation.

I’m also the person who loved the tv show The Tudors because of all the sexy men but grumbled about the historical accuracies, mostly due to the timeline. I agree with the feminist movement to an extent but I’m not on board with radical feminism, which is what I was expecting. Karen Lindsey has done her research and done it well.

Guthrie checks his size, his verbal sponsor promises garrulously. Epicurean Shelton said, his educators inspired the swings in an incomparable way.

Without thorns, Casper, without shading, sends flowers ruthlessly.

Here they appear not as stereotypes, not simply as victims, but as lively, intelligent noblewomen doing their best to survive in a treacherous court.

Divorced, Beheaded, Survived takes a revisionist look at 16th-century English politics (domestic and otherwise), reinterpreting the historical record in perceptive new ways.

She wrote a very factual text that was interesting, witty and dare I say, fun to read.

Even though the title referenced only the wives, I was pleasantly surprised to find the opening chapter was on Margaret Beaufort (Henry’s grandmother) and the final chapter was on how his three children, and briefly his great-niece Jane Grey, took the throne.


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