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Reduce the disease burden of diabetes mellitus (DM) and improve the quality of life for all persons who have, or are at risk for, DM.DM occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin or cannot respond appropriately to insulin.Diabetes complications tend to be more common and more severe among people whose diabetes is poorly controlled, which makes DM an immense and complex public health challenge.

Module 1 Have you ever tried to introduce diabetes to a newly diagnosed patient and found yourself at a loss?

Do you stumble trying to explain the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Most people with diabetes hear about the disease initially from a healthcare professional, and yet many people with diabetes leave more confused after being given the startling diagnosis because of the heavy use of medical jargon and the complicated information.

Being able to simplify diabetes education and meet the learning needs of your patient can make the difference between patients who leave feeling empowered to take control of their diabetes or feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and inclined toward noncompliance.

Overweight and obesity trends and an aging population have been identified as risk factors causing the growing “diabesity” epidemic in our country.

Almost 50% of all Americans are overweight or obese.

For example, the Diabetes Prevention Program research trial demonstrated that lifestyle intervention had its greatest impact in older adults and was effective in all racial and ethnic groups.

Translational studies of this work have also shown that delivery of the lifestyle intervention in group settings at the community level are also effective at reducing type 2 diabetes risk.

Although there is plenty of information available via the Internet for anyone to learn about diabetes, most people need the help of a healthcare professional to decipher the information.

Referring patients to a great resource of the American Diabetes Association, but it is not enough.


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