Introduction Of Divorce Essay

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Previously, it was impossible for a woman to end up a marriage which isn’t happy but now, it is not due to which there’s a remarkable rise in divorce rate.

[ Related: Top 50 Cause and Effect essay topic suggestions ] With a fast running life, couples tend to get married at their convenience without understanding or knowing their partners.

[ Related: Cause and Effect essay on teen pregnancy ] If we keep a recount of past and present, it can easily be concluded that the world itself originated the concept of marriage (keeping religion aside).

The criteria of living in a lifetime commitment is what we call marriage which couples complicate and end up in jilting each other down as they cannot maintain a single relationship.

In order to avoid suppressing their own blemishes or avoiding any hindrance in their lives, spouses choose to get divorced.

They egotistically run away from the situation which most often, run out of their hands.

Men were considered as bread winners and therefore, their women were bound to rely on them financially.

Now there’s a significant change in a woman’s role due to which a drastic increase in divorce rate is seen.

In such crucial circumstances, it’s vivid that unfaithfulness destroys marriages.

Adults start distracting their minds towards other male or female.


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