Internet Security Issues Essay

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The routers separated the network into smaller units so that an attack would not have the ability to destroy all their systems.Time has allowed this design to become even more sophisticated.

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So, security at that time was really not a major concern or focus.

But, as more and more sensitive information became accessible, the import of network security increased significantly.

Because the Morris Worm was self-replicating, it garnered a lot of attention for the vulnerabilities within networked computer systems.

It rendered the computers that it targeted inoperable.

Of course, that made it a very appealing target for those “hackers” we mentioned previously.

By the middle of the 90s, network security threats had increased exponentially.War Games, the movie, popularized the concept of “hackers.” And since the violations were high profile, this term has remained an important part of network security design. Increased Threats By the late 80s, network usage was expanding rapidly. Computer worms came into fruition during that stage of internet development. The first one was called the “Morris Worm.” It was developed by a Cornell student and was designed to reveal lacking areas in a network intrusion prevention system.Hackers are dangerous individuals who seek to gain access to sensitive or personal information over the internet. Universities, militaries, and governments were connecting. It was able to exploit that weakness, contact another computer in the network, and replicate itself.This is when Arpanet became known as the internet, and it exploded in popularity and user access.Commercial restrictions were eliminated and the public was granted freedom of usage.Computers started being networked with one another in the late 80s.At that time, there became an increased concern for security, though it was minimal in comparison to today’s concerns.And then several different companies got in on the action and developed programs designed to clean computers that had been infected with malicious viruses.Of course, the viruses in the late 80s weren’t as malicious as they are today.That is why understanding the history of network security can help us grasp how important it is today.This is especially true given the number of potential cyberattacks that happen worldwide.


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