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The evidence, much of it in the form of telltale emails, Facebook messages and GPS data, is too glaring to deny, though Marco denies it anyway with methods that range from suggesting his wife has postpartum paranoia to attempting suicide (or pretending to; it’s not quite clear) amid an apparent psychotic breakdown.Along the way, Waite doubts herself — “maybe because he’s so overtired and overworked he’s making really bad decisions and doesn’t realize how inappropriate his behavior is” — until she can no longer ignore the facts: She married a man who may well be a sociopath.

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You want to shake some gratitude into her, but you also want Lukach to stop coasting on martyr fumes.

Organized into alternating chapters entitled “Before” and “After,” the memoir is a study in “gaslighting” — making someone feel that she is crazy or only imagining things.

Just three weeks after the birth of the couple’s daughter, Waite stumbles on clues that Marco is involved with another woman.

When the psychosis tapers off, depression takes its place and Lukach not only has to hide Giulia’s medication so that she doesn’t overdose in an attempt to kill herself but also inspect her mouth to make sure she’s swallowed what she’s supposed to. The medication causes her to gain 60 pounds in two months and makes her sluggish almost to the point of immobility.

When lithium is added to the mix in an effort to quell the depression, it leaves her, Lukach writes, “in the most stilted and zombified state yet, her arms frozen stiff at her sides, her fingers spread apart, her lips pursed, drool sometimes lingering at the corners of her mouth.”This a harsh image for any memoirist to render, let alone a husband writing about his wife.


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