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For that, it is particularly beneficial for me to learn the art of management.I have learnt about hospitality and catering, cuisines and food cultures from all around the world, but I still have to learn the art of managing a business.My job description encompassed a number of responsibilities which included communicating with the clients, general cleaning chores, serving customers, setting up tables, event preparations also training and supervising any new staff hired in the six months I served there. All the time during the course of my education, which is still in the process, I found Hospitality Experience to be the most fascinating subject.

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During my cooking classes in college I took cooking classes of Korean, western, Japanese, Dessert and Baking classes. Soon after my college I went for two certificate courses one from Korea Certification of dietitian and Qualification of Korean cook Qualification of barista and the second from Certifications from Australia Certification of culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu Sydney.

Then I moved further in the direction I had finally chosen.

My interest in arts deep rooted even further after high-school.

I was extremely enthusiastic about getting enrolled in an art college. Nevertheless, I can’t thank my mother enough for guiding me and letting me explore what I thoroughly enjoy doing.

This changed my views altogether and not only made my ambitions ever more firm to pursue my career in hotel management but also increased my interest in it.

While my work tenure at Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort, I used this concept with my customers.Next I joined Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide Academy of hospitality management, Adelaide, Australia. While learning about different cuisines from all around the world, I developed peculiar interest towards food.After attending LCB Sydney, I began thinking about my career in the long term.I desire to pursue my career in the restaurant business.I am confident that my ambitions and willingness to excel will take me to the heights.Proper guidance and support from my mother helped me to take right decisions one after another.She made me join Han Yang Women's college, Seoul, Korea. My interest in art made me choose food nutrition where I could learn about food and experiment.I am currently studying an Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. I have tried not to focus only on the theoretical side of Catering Management and cuisines, but I also decided to take practical experience along with my education.I served at multiple places; In January 2008 at Blaxand hotel restaurant, in April 2008 at Ryde Sydney as a chef, then in January 2009 - at Chinese Cravery Café.My experience with LCB institutes was exceptionally generous.I believe my vision is clear and straight because of education I got at this institute. I want to open up a fusion-style multicultural restaurant.


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