Homework Oh Homework By Jack Prelutsky

I'd rather take baths with a man-eating shark, or wrestle a lion alone in the dark, eat spinach and liver, pet ten porcupines, than tackle the homework my teacher assigns Homework! you're last on my list, I simple can't see why you even exist, if you just disappeared it would tickle me pink. Within your ear, your nose would be an absolute catastrophe, for when you were obliged to sneeze, your brain would rattle from the breeze. You may quarrel with centipedes, quibble with seals, declaim to a duck in the park, engage in disputes with cantankerous coots, but never mince words with a shark.

Your nose would be a source of dread were it attached atop your head, it soon would drive you to despair, forever tickled by your hair. Those are a few of the answers I wrote When I flunked my geography test.

Prelutsky doesn’t really tackle any issues in This book has great drawings by James Stevenson. I wish I could wash you away in the sink, if only a bomb would explode you to bits.

There are also two great indices in the back – one lists poems by title and the other by first lines.

So when the person is doing his laundry, he is cleaning up the world instead of his clothes.

When we explored poetry in my college English lit class, I was pretty excited at first, since the reading assignments were relatively short, and I wouldn’t have to spend that much time on my homework. It talks about how much, including the lines "I'd rather take baths / with a man-eating shark." It is a rhyming poem, and each stanza seems to have the rhyme scheme ABCB.Every child has his own view about the homework as the poet has shown his own view about the homework he got from his teachers.I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.Good thing I did my research and chose this website to outsource all the essays.Reading The New Kid on the Block brought back memories for me, because Vance loved: Homework! I am Ebenezer Bleezer, I run BLEEZER'S ICE CREAM STORE, there are flavors in my freezer you have never seen before, twenty-eight divine creations too delicious to resist, why not do yourself a favor, try the flavors on my list: ,----------------------------------------; | | | COCOA MOCHA MACARONI | | TAPIOCA SMOKED BALONEY | | CHECKERBERRY CHEDDAR CHEW | | CHICKEN CHERRY HONEYDEW | | TUTTI-FRUTTI STEWED TOMATO | | TUNA TACO BAKED POTATO | | LOBSTER LITCHI LIMA BEAN | | MOZZARELLA MANGOSTEEN | | ALMOND HAM MERINGUE SALAMI | | YAM ANCHOVY PRUNE PASTRAMI | | SASSAFRAS SOUVLAKI HASH | | SUKIYAKI SUCCOTASH | | BUTTER BRICKLE PEPPER PICKLE | | POMEGRANATE PUMPERNICKEL | | PEACH PIMENTO PIZZA PLUM | | PEANUT PUMPKIN BUBBLEGUM | | BROCCOLI BANANA BLUSTER | | CHOCOLATE CHOP SUEY CLUSTER | | AVOCADO BRUSSELS SPROUT | | PERIWINKLE SAUERKRAUT | | COTTON CANDY CARROT CUSTARD | | CAULIFLOWER COLA MUSTARD | | ONION DUMPLING DOUBLE DIP | | TURNIP TRUFFLE TRIPLE FLIP | | GARLIC GUMBO GRAVY GUAVA | | LENTIL LEMON LIVER LAVA | | ORANGE OLIVE BAGEL BEET | | WATERMELON WAFFLE WHEAT | | | `----------------------------------------" I am Ebenezer Bleezer, I run BLEEZER'S ICE CREAM STORE, taste a flavor from my freezer, you will surely ask for more. Today is very boring, I can hardly help but yawn, there's a flying saucer landing in the middle of the lawn, a volcano just erupted less than half a mile away and I think I felt an earthquake it's a very boring day."Enough's enough," I yelled at her, "I don't like it when you hit me! As the ground keeps getting nearer, Its a simple task to tell, that I've got a slight dilemma that my days' not going well.My velocity is increasing I am dropping like a stone, I could use some assistance, Is there someone I can phone? I Found A Four-leaf Clover I Spied My Shadow Slinking I Toss Them To My Elephant I Wonder Why Dad Is So Thoroughly Mad I'd Never Dine On Dinosaurs I'd Never Eat A Beet I'm Bold, I'm Brave I'm Disgusted With My Brother I'm In A Rotten Mood![..] I am running out of options, There's just one thing left to try - In the next eleven seconds I have got to learn to fly !! A Monster's Lot Is Merry An Alley Cat With One Life Left 82 Alligators Are Unfriendly Archie B. Bulgy Bunne The Carpenter Rages The Cave Beast Greets A Visitor The Cherries' Garden Gala Clara Cleech Come See The Thing A Cow's Outside 51 Cuckoo! I'm Thankful I'm The Single Most Wonderful Person I Know I've Got An Incredible Headache I've Got An Itch An Irritating Creature Its Fangs Were Red Jellyfish Stew Lavinia Nink Louder Than A Clap Of Thunder Ma!Mccall Ballad Of A Boneless Chicken Baloney Belly Billy Be Glad Your Nose Is On Your Face 64 Bleezer's Ice Cream The Bloders Are Exploding Boing! Dainty Dottie Dee Dauntless Dimble The Diatonic Dittymunch Do Oysters Sneeze? Euphonica Jarre The Flimsy Fleek Floradora Doe The Flotz Forty Performing Bananas Granny Grizer Griselda Gratz Gussie's Greasy Spoon Happy Birthday, Dear Dragon Henrietta Snetter Homework! The Nothing-doings Oh, Teddy Bear Ounce And Bounce Seymour Snorkke Sidney Snickke Sir Blushington Bloone Sneaky Sue Snillies Something Silky Song Of The Gloopy Gloppers Stringbean Small Super-goopy Glue Suzanna Socked Me Sunday 121 There Is A Thing Throckmorton Thratte Today Is A Day To Crow About Today Is Very Boring 96 An Unassuming Owl Uncanny Colleen The Underwater Wibbles We Each Wore Half A Horse We Heard Wally Wail What Nerve You've Got, Minerva Mott!


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