Help With Solving Algebra Problems

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Whether the path to a solution is obvious or not, there's a reliable series of steps that will help take you in the right direction:: Figure out both where you are and where you need to go before you start working.

Look carefully at the problem to be sure you know what the question is. Start thinking about the techniques that could be useful, and the kinds of answers you expect to find.: Use your experience to guide you. Is there anything about the form of an equation or the shape of a graph or the phrasing of a question that seems familiar?

These properties apply to all 4 mathematical operations.

They let us add to, subtract from, multiply, and divide expressions while still preserving the equality of an equation.

The arrangement of numbers and variables in algebraic expressions works like that too.

Some situations allow us to switch values and operations around.Maybe you broke up the problem without realizing it, and this answer will lead to other answers and eventually to the right answer.Did you get stuck partway through because you didn't have enough information?Equality, as represented by the equals symbol, tells us that the two sides of an algebraic expression have the same value.Equality has several properties that are useful in solving algebraic equations.PEMDAS tells us exactly what steps to follow when evaluating expressions.It's just like giving everyone identical directions to a meeting place—if we all make the same turns in the same order, we should all end up in the same spot.The word inverse means to turn inside out or upside down—in mathematics an inverse essentially turns a number around on itself.A typical algebraic equation includes multiple operations.: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again, isn't just a cliché; it's also a good idea.There will be times when the first approach you try doesn't get anywhere. Think about why one technique didn't work—did it give you an answer, but not the one you needed?


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