Good Customer Care Essay

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For instance, after buying a refrigerator from Deo Deo in 2010, I was contacted at least five different times by customer service to assess my overall satisfaction.

When my friend bought a new SUV, the dealer gave him a lifetime membership with perks and an awesome presentation that included a champagne celebration.

This type of customer service is imbedded within Japan’s culture, and it’s probably the main reason why the Japanese tend to be loyal customers.

A focus on internal and external customer service is paramount to the longevity of an organization in competitive business markets.

Therefore, management should ensure excellent customer service is provided across all departments within the organization.

At the same time, departmental heads should ensure that employees understand their roles in the overall success of the organization.

Always react calmly and offer to work through the problem. You may need to give a refund, rework a project or offer store credit.

A defective product may be the result of a manufacturing issue outside of your control, but if the issue is something that you can improve within your business, then take the criticism to heart and work to make the matter better.

Normally, it is more costly to acquire new customers than it is to maintain existing ones.

Therefore, dissatisfied customers will more often than not inform their friends and family members about their customer experience making it unlikely for the latter to become new customers.


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