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S., and allow them to travel to isolated communities around the world to provide free medical services.

I also want to provide nutrition education to support these marginalized communities, especially indigenous groups from Latin American countries.

Therefore, I am committed to working hard in school and looking for opportunities that could help me make my goals a reality.

Each and every student were asked in the childhood a question “What are you going to do when you grow up? Are you required to write a career goals essay in school?

I decided that I will attain a career as a doctor since my passion has always been assisting others and trying to improve their quality of life.

Therefore, I think that pursuing such a career will provide me the opportunity to help improve the community's health quality conditions and learn about their medical needs.

There are always a lot of interesting things and bright ideas to find there!

Just write down several sentences that define your goals and explain why you want to make your career in this field.


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