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This is supplemented with how these claims relate to prior work and what is different about them, plus speculations about future implications of what you have done.NOTE: Slide counts recommended below are for 28 point font.Do not use font smaller than this for exams with videoconferencing, and less than 20 point otherwise, with the possible exception of important figures and tables that cannot be compressed. What contributions you have made that no one previously has done (1-2 slides).

Need for the Office of Graduate Programs to have: A FINAL COPY of the powerpoint presentation to. Amaranthus hypochondriacus descriptive essay for and against essay powerpoint research paper about technology laurie frink dissertation abstracts the reed. Successful defense, submission of revised thesis/dissertation. Prior to Your Dissertation Proposal or Defense: Task.

5/6/14, Final dissertation paper and Power Point ready – Mock defense with Dr. Dissertation defense powerpoint presentation - Our drugstore has the most affordable deals. Computational Discovery in Evolving Complex Networks. Ppt dissertation defense venture capital, dissertation proposal defense ppt, ncu dissertation defense ppt presentation, defense dissertation.

It is best to give a practice run for your entire dissertation committee, but at least you should present it orally to your dissertation supervisor.

The practice run should help both with judging the length of the talk and finding things that can be improved.(e) The core of your presentation should be a set of novel claims from your work and the validation of your claims.

This can be short if you used well-known techniques.6.

Design of the validation for each of your claims (5-15 slides).

The validation can include experiments, tests, and proofs.

If you built something, this is where you describe it.

Explain why previous work didn't solve your problem completely.5.

Previous work addressing different problems with similar techniques to those you used in the dissertation work (2-5 slides, depending on the topic).


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