Faith Community Hospital Essay

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Nucum TFN 1NU03 Sir Dela Cruz “ The Role of Volunteer Nurses in the present Philippine health care situation” First question is why do nurses volunteer?

In many cases, these community health nurses receive no salaries, and rely mainly on contributions from support groups and communities to sustain health services, trainings, and other operational costs.

In one hearing by the senate concerning a bunch of nurses confirmed in the country that most of them paying for hospital to have work experience and and certificate. It also benefits the nurse what they are interested in is to get a work,certification which can be used for local employment or for abroad, it was said issues the Dr.

That`s why capacity of some other nursing schools at this time doesn`t accept and offer a nursing course.

In a way Like any other third-world country, the Philippines have been struggling in some one of it is illegal drug use.


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