Example Of A Cause And Effect Essay

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You can then elaborate on the casual chain of events that follow the cause in the body of the essay.Depending on your essay’s structure, there could be different ways of organizing it.

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The essay can be outlined with listing out one or more causes that led to the effect.

The cause you choose acts as the foundation for the essay.

To describe a cause, some phrases should be used such as because (of), due to, since, one cause (is), another (is), first, second, result from etc.

To emphasize effect, phrases such as: as a result, thus, consequently, therefore, one result, result in etc would be appropriate.

It will also explain what took place and why it took place in that particular pattern.

Cause and effect essays are used to show why something happens (the cause) and what happens as a result (the effect).

So, with this in mind you have to decide the outline of the essay. Composing Your Cause and Effect Essays Start with the introduction, explaining the cause and the significance of its effects.

Make sure that the introduction comprehensively states the purpose of essay along with the effects and causes at stake.

The impact of result in the various types of causes and effects could vary and therefore you should have a clear understanding of the causes and effects that you are going to mention in your essay. Create An Outline for Cause and Effect Essays Before you start writing, it is important to create an outline with the research that you may have done about the topic.

At this stage, you have to list down the cause(s) in detail.


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